Eye of the Storm Festival

From bawdy backroom cabarets to heated discussions at writers festivals, cultural events have always represented the lifeblood of the Australian arts community to me. I love the process of bringing together threads of different art forms and ideas, and weaving them into a single public spectacle for audiences to engage with.

I’ve curated two national arts festivals, the National Young Writers Festival in 2007 and most recently, Eye of the Storm in Alice Springs in April 2013.

Eye of the Storm brought together 40 of the nations most interesting writers and thinkers including Benjamin Law, Anna Krien and Ali Cobby Eckermann. 1500 locals and a digital audience of over 50,000 came together for a weekend of steamy discussions and raucous performers in some of the countries most beautiful and remote locations.

I’ve also curated and produced events for Alice Desert Festival, Wide Open Space Festival and a number of stand alone events across the country.

For full details of Eye of the Storm, check the website http://eyeofthestorm.com.au/

Watch  Hungry Eyes ,  Who Do You think I am  and the Digital Futures session on the ABC Big Ideas website

A review of the festival by the ABC is here http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2013/04/29/3747372.htm