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My practice spans the spectrum of arts and community development

My native art form is writing and spoken word performance. In 2010 I won the Australian Poetry Slam and in 2011, the Press Press Manuscript award. I have toured extensively throughout Australia and Asia including performances at the Bookworm Writers Festival (China), The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival and Makassar International Writers Festival (Indonesia), the Byron Bay Writers Festival and the Sydney Writers Festival. My writing has been published in Australia, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. I launched my verse memoir Thicker than Water at the 2012 Wordstorm Festival of Australasian Writing.

I work professionally in community cultural development, with specialisations in trauma, violence prevention, narrative therapy, events, and community campaigning. One of my favourite projects is a Stitch in Time, which blended craft and collective narrative ideas to share over 100 stories of resilience between women experiencing domestic violence in Central Australia. This project was presented at the International Arts and Health Conference in Canberra in 2011.  Short films, songs and animations showcasing women’s resilience and resistance to violence created as part of this project can be found at

My collaborative and inter-arts practice spans over 10 years. Key works include the Museum of Intimate Memories, a tiny interactive pop up museum dedicated to the preservation of intimate memories and Vessels for Stories, collaboration exploring the iconography of the boat along the historic trade routes between South Sulawesi and Northern Australia.  Other recent projects include The Love Letters to Inanimate objects series with textile artist Nicky Shonkala (2012) and the interactive installation Detritus.

I’m currently working on the Many Voices story telling project with 8CCC community radio and developing stories for ITalk Library.

If you would like to chat to me about all this and more, drop me a line on kellyleehickey (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. Dear Kelly-Lee,
    We would like you to come out to Broken Hill for a week (5 days) in May or June next year to speak at various schools. How much would all your costs come to? Transp., fee, accomm. etc Thank you Luke Cripps Broken Hill High School 0400497566

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